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What Designer Label Am I?

I am now into designer clothes.

I get it.

Have you ever allowed a Fear of God hoodie to drape your torso? Or felt up a t-shirt by Billionaire Boys Club?

I can understand if these examples are very basic to you, but listen, I’m basic – in this arena, but anyway - Ma’ams and Sirs! THEE Kwah-Li-TEE.

Ok, So, I am in search of my identity as a designer label. My gut tells me I’m a Louis girl. That LVL has me like a moth to a flame. But there´s also something about Prada´s bold understated stated-ness that has me like Ooooohhh, I see you...

And Comme Des Garçons has vibes that make you think you know what they’re all about until you find out that this French-worded brand is owned by a Japanese woman. THE RANGE.

Eureka! I just realized that this is definitely a personality thing. I have to let you in on who I am in order to perfectly pinpoint what designer label I am.

However, I don’t have time for you to really get to know me unless you already know me, so here´s me in a surface-level nutshell:

Eek! We need some not so positive elements as well:

I just want to say that I unequivocally reject all of this entire Aries´ dark side. But that’s neither here nor there. We’re here to discover what designer label I am!

And based on a designer label calculator that, of course, Buzzfeed has, your girl is:


I wanted this to pop out LVL, as I gushed about earlier, but how can I be mad at Chanel? It’s Chanellllllllllll.

I will say this though – Chanel might be the foundation of my new designer label wardrobe, but I´ll also be donning a few Telfar bags, some Fear of God hoodies and an entire LVL ‘fit inspired by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills´s Dorit. So gaudy but the perfect kind of gaudy.


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