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Trump is the Real-Life Biff Who Needs His Ass Beat

I’m literally talking about throwing hands.

Knocking him out.

Making him see colors.

That kind of beating. Because there are just some people who need it. People who just don’t stfu. And Trump is one of those people.

In the debate, Trump brought up Biden’s son. FULL STOP. Here, is where hands were needed.

Then, Trump went on to say one of his son’s was “on cocaine.” FULL FULL STOP. Here, is where all the hands were needed.

I’m not a parent yet, but I know that’s a no-no. Trump is lucky Biden presidentially admitted that his son did have an addiction problem, overcame it, and that he was proud of him for doing so.

But I could also tell that Biden wanted to say, “This nigga...”

We all remember Back to the Future. One of the best movies ever made where Marty McFly travels back in time to the ‘50s to orchestrate his parents meeting back in high school. If he fails, then, he and his siblings cease to exist, causing an alternate future where his mom unhappily ends up with Biff, the jealous, ugly, bonehead bully who always had eyes for Marty’s mother.

Trump is the real-life Biff. He has his eyes set on being elected a second time but ignores all the signs that America ain’t having it. His bullying tactic is to talk rapidly and incoherently, which works well against the spineless, the real “chickens” in the world.

But what did Biff need to shut his stupid ass up? A beatdown – in the past, present and future.

Ok, So...That is exactly what Trump is in dire need of. And Biden is the one to do it. The Irish Catholic from Scranton showed up at tonight’s debate throwing “go high” out the window. We saw just a glimpse of his petty bettyness, and I was here for it.

“Look at this clown.”

“Would you shut up, man?”

“The worst President that America has ever had.”

Now it's time to get AcTiVe.

Trump is an unorthodox politician – he is a marketing talent that has conned his way into The White House. He knows how to use words to rile people up, to basically provoke them. And he only does it because he hasn’t had one thing in life.

So, tonight, I was even more empowered to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket to not only have them replace the current administration but for my tax dollars to go to the only government-sponsored ass whoopin' I approve of.

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