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The Other Type of Harassment

Many times, we think of harassment as only sexual. When the word surfaces, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Russell Simmons immediately come to mind. The intent is sexual, and the perpetrating gender is overwhelmingly male.

But there are other types of harassment that aren't widely talked about.

That are perpetrated by white women.

And where the intent is to police black women's cultural normative behavior in white Corporate America.

Had second thoughts about wearing your natural hair at work because of Susan's comments?


Been told to smile more because white co-workers couldn't gauge whether you were "happy to be there?"


Perhaps, a white female co-worker claimed that you've been "aggressive" in your tone to her...over e-mail?


All of those things are harassment. And it's time that we call it what it IS.

HARASS: to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.

I mean, after reading that definition, we can all agree that black people have been persistently harassed by white people since (AT LEAST) the TransAtlantic slave trade.

Ok, So...Let me get to the point.

There are many black women in white Corporate America being harassed by white female managers. The unconscious bias of it all allows these white female managers to police our expressions, behavior and even dress in ways that are incongruent with our culture. It is yet another attempt for white colonization to do its thing - get the black people to fall in line with white normative cultural behavior...without it being called harassment or racist.


Basically, they want to take all of the seasoning out of our walk, talk and style.

This issue isn't new, but it has not been given a name yet. And things with no names aren't regarded as real. So, I'm here to classify it:

White Corporate America Colonization


White Corporate America Colonization has been a thing since black Americans entered the work force as paid employees. It now has an official classification, and I challenge you, black woman, to be your whole full black ass self in White Corporate America going forward.

If any shenanigans occur (which guaranteed they will), you'll not only have a name for it, but you'll have a plan of action.


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