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T.I. & Tiny Deserve Nice Things Except Boris & Nicole Kodjoe

I like T.I. & Tiny Harris.

T.I. is my favorite rapper, and any time I'm in a karaoke bar, I hit 'em with "Rubberband Man," and it never disappoints.

Tiny has contributed greatly to R&B music as a member of the iconic Xscape. As a kid, I would belt out "Understanding" with no real understanding on why I was so emotionally invested in a grown up song.

Therefore, T.I. and Tiny deserve so many nice things that they can get for their respective accomplishments.



I heard the latest episode of T.I.'s podcast "ExpediTIously," and he had these nice people on to discuss their love journey as a 15-year happily married couple. As much as The Kodjoes tried to relate to T.I. and Tiny's own story, it just seemed to all fall apart.

Case in point:

Tiny: I haven't heard any dirt on [Boris and Nicole].

Boris: I don't think there's a lot of major dirt, but we're also private, and we also respect each other enough that I would never want to embarrass myself or her or the kids or anybody, you know?

T.I.: That's so sweet, Boris. You're making us all look bad -

Boris: What do you want me to do? Lie?

T.I.: ...I admire you guys' candor.

"I admire you guys' candor"???

I don't think T.I. has a concept of not embarrasing his wife, so yephhhh...How much more unequally yolked can these two couples get?

And it got worse.

Tiny: (to Nicole) If your man comes home drunk and wants sex, but you're do you deal with that?

Boris: I don't drink.

Tiny: Well, if he comes home late...

T.I.: Boris goes to sleep at 10...

Have these couples even met? And after this interview, there's no way they're going to hang out because, er, what can they talk about? Seems like The Kodjoes are the exact bizzarro opposite of the Harris'.

T.I. and Tiny - you deserve so many nice things, just not Boris & Nicole. Let those people continue to live their commonly happily married lives, and y'all continue wading in the waters of T.I. yet again using big words to get out of some sichhheeayshun.

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