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“Soul” Pierced My Soul

My partner and I just finished watching Disney’s Soul, and O-M-G.

Me in real time:




That movie is EVERYTHING, especially at the end of this wack job of a year.

Joe Gardner, the main character, discovers the true meaning of life...and it has nothing to do with purpose. WHEW CHILLAY! How I cried...and cried...

OK, So...I am an emotional sucker for all things spiritual.

Who is God? What is my purpose? Is the Universe Heaven - A place that we can see via cool contraptions but can never live in?

I am a fool for God talk! And “SOUL” is nothing but God talk.

“Don’t worry. Souls can’t get crushed here. That’s what Earth is for.” - 22

“Purpose? You humans are so basic.” - a Jerry

“I thought getting here [to my purpose] would have been different.” - Joe

SOUL” is a film about living. The joy of living - something that 22 discovers as she experiences life on earth in Joe’s body.

She enjoys a lollipop she received at the barber shop. A crust of pizza on New York’s streets. Feeling the wind of a passing train from a street vent.

And Joe, her imposter-mentor tells her that is not what life is about – that she needs to find her purpose. To which, she could never discover after 100s of years of being in THE BEFORE. This sends her into a depression that transforms her into a shape-shifting charcoal-textured blob.

How many of us don’t know what our purpose is? How many of us have been told that finding our purpose is the reason to live?

"Soul" challenges that idea. "Soul" inspires us to just enjoy each day.

The elation of ocean water you feel at the beach. The bliss of sky-watching. The glee of a baby’s laughter.

These experiences, indeed, are the “spark” that makes one want to live.

After a nutty-butty year, we all deserved a film that honored how the everyday can exhilarate each step we take.

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