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One-Question-A-Day During COVID

OK, So...My girlfriend bought me a thoughtful journal for my recent birthday titled ONE QUESTION A DAY. It's filled with questions for me to answer for every day up to FIVE years! It's a "personal time capsule of questions and answers."

Lovely idea and lovely gift, isn't it?

However, you all know that I spent my birthday and all subsequent days (including today) in quarantine. So, when I see daily questions like this:

What is the formula for success?

What is the last thing you searched for?

What surprised you today?

"MY HEALTH" has been the answer for them all because of COVID and all, ya know.

I'm just finding it really hard to answer these questions outside the COVID lens. I need some questions that speak directly to this time in my life.

So, I'm offering SEVEN (7) daily questions to myself and you all that are intentionally designed for this pandemic and all those to come.

Oh! And why 7? One for every day of the week until we all safely emerge from isolation. Another kind of time capsule. The short-term kind that forces you to reassess every week.

So, here they are:

1. What friend is still too busy to connect with during this time?

2. Did you allow a couple hours between what you ate and that snack you're currently smashing?

3. Rate your level of "I'm tired of doing these damn dishes" from 1-5. "1" being "not bad" to "5," meaning "I just threw a bowl in the garbage because ugh."

4. Who don't you want to hear from right now?

5. Who would you love to hear from right now?

6. What customer service agent or delivery person got on your hot nerves today? (but you can't say nothing because kindness goes a long way these days)

7. What do you predict President Trump will present to the public as cures for COVID tomorrow?

Ahhhhh - now, these are more like it! Answer away, folks! We will re-emerge soon, but keep these answers in mind, especially the trifling friend who "can't connect." Hmmhmmm...

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