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On the Subway Again!

I have been very privileged during this pandemic.

I have a car.

In New York.

It’s a luxury that most people tell you to sell before you get here. But listen – I thought that if anything were to go down in New York, I would at least have my car to get the hell up of here.

And lo and behold -

The Rona.

But, at 10 months of lockdown, I am comfortable just allowing my car to sit in my friend’s driveway for however long, which means I am on the subway again.

Ok, So... I'm here to let you former Subway riders know that there are some things that are different about the system and some things that will never ever change. Listen up:

Social Distance Stickers on Platforms

The MTA placed stickers on the platforms that encourage people to keep 6’ of distance among each other. I was just impressed that they were there. I also wonder how long it took them to do that because the MTA is not known for either doing anything fast or anything on time. Or anything.

Less Packed Trains

No more packed like pickles feeling! I was on the train during the new rush-hour block. And guess what? I could spread both of my elbows out in both directions comfortably.

The Rats are Still Out Here

It's their home. What did you expect?

Masks Mask the Smell

When I first moved to New York, I became a victim of the empty train trick. Unfortunately, people are still getting got by it, BUT masks have been their saving grace.

I saw a white lady sitting comfortably in a car across from four (4) homeless folks spread out on seats opposite her. I assume she was new to the city or a visitor and maybe perplexed as to why no one else (not homeless) wouldn’t join her on the car.

“So much space!” I assume she thought.

But what she doesn’t know is that if that mask were to slip down even a little bit, her nose would be met with all of the dark matter that comprises shit.

In fact, whether on a poop-fragrance car or in the subway at all, the masks are keeping the hairs in your nose.

People Still Cry on the Train

We New Yorkers always see folks crying on the train. It’s a requirement that if you haven’t cried at least once in public in New York, then you’re not experiencing the city as you should.

Well, I was the one crying on the train. I don’t even remember what I was crying about, but the soundtrack to the weep session included an Anderson Paak feat. Jazmine Sullivan song.

In conclusion, the train has remained the same in the ways that you would appreciate it. And the few changes are actual upgrades. If you have a car, I would suggest at least riding around on the train here-and-there. Besides, you can't say you've truly lived in New York without welcoming all of the shenanigans the MTA has to offer.

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