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I Turned 36 in Quarantine

Today is my birthday!

And I spent it on the road driving from Miami to the Florida Keys with my girlfriends. The teal waters, laced sour belts and warm breeze made this a day that I will never forget.

...and then I realized I was asleep.

OK, So...Today, like the rest of you, I'm at home. Because of the Rona -

Celebratin' my birthday but with no turn up. The only turnin' up I'm allowed are the beat downs I put on my boyfriend in Mortal Kombat, Connect 4 or any other game he wants to just lose in. Jammin' to D Nice's Inta Live. And most importantly, Birthday Biscuits made from scratch by my wonderful but Mortal Kombat losin' ass boyfriend.

Seriously, I'm really not sure how us Aries' are going to deal with our birthday season basically being cancelled. We are the first sign of the zodiac...and the most childish. Petty is in our blood.

So, we will just celebrate whenever Rona decides to move her bitter ass on.

Although The Florida Keys would have definitely been one to remember, this, too, I have to admit, will also be one I will remember.

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