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I Think God Would Swipe Left on A Lot of You Niggas

It’s 9:11p.

My hair is deep conditioning under a yellow plastic cap.

Classic New York Jazz is playing on YouTube, and like all wash days, I receive epiphanies.

Here’s the latest:

I Think God Would Swipe Left on a Lot of You Niggas

It came to me as I was shampooing my hair while listening to Oprah and Dr. M. Scott Peck on a Super Soul Sunday episode. Dr. Peck emphasizes that the idea of being in love is misleading - that love is an action, not a feeling.

So, it got me thinking about God. And how He loves all of us. Like, for real.

But don’t you ever wonder how?

Like, how can God really love idiots? Like, people who don’t wash their hands after they pee? Or New York drivers? Or people who sigh for no reason?

How, Lord, How?

‘Cus they get on my damn nerves!

And Lord, I know you’ve made your mind up. You’ve had a whole plan of salvation that includes repentance, atonement, grace, and all of that good stuff. It’s for all of us... including the idiots.

But if you decided to return to the cyclical part of time where you get to go to the beginning, and do it all over again, with the help of a Salvation App, then, would you swipe right on allllllll of us...or nah?

‘Cus Lord, I know you. And you know me. And with me being made in your image, I mean, come on, if you saw...

Pastor John Gray?

Paula White?

Netflix’s belief that they can churn out a good movie?

Animals who think they can square up with you...wait, those are not people.

Being boring!!! Perhaps, the worst offense of them all.

And You really love...hmmm...OK.

Well, as Dr. M. Scott Peck reiterates, One chooses to love, and They show it at all times. So, thank You for loving me because I guess I’ve been an idiot at times, too.

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