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Hey! Issa and Lawrence! Please Break Up...Again.

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Insecure, Insecure, Insecure.

The show has been on my mind every day since it was revealed on Sunday that Team Issa and Team Lawrence are intimate friends again.

Now, let me explain the anger.

I am a firm believer in respecting your exes. Being proud of your exes. Saying hello to your exes on the street. Even checking up on them from time to time. But getting back with your exes? That'll be a no, dawg.

Am I in the minority? I've been seeing countless tweets of people rooting for these two, and I am just beside myself with so much disappointment that Issa and Lawrence have fallen into the trap of seeing how well each other is now doing and thinking that...

they can do well together.

The clownery of it all is that a lot Y'ALL think the same thing.

When you see your ex finally succeeding in writing that book they had talked about for so long or secured a lucrative promotion or simply taking showers every day like a normal human, you shouldn't be thinking:

"Oh, wow. Look at him finally getting it together. Maybe we made a mistake. We should try one more 'gain."

No! Instead, try -

"Oh, wow. Look at her finally getting it together. Maybe [high octave] we made a mistake. But I don't care to find out."


Controversial opinion alert - Lawrence's success actually has nothing to do with Issa.

Issa, some episodes ago, told her brother that she thinks Canola benefited from the years-long-Lawrence-aint-really-doing-nothing that Issa had to put up with.

“The person he is now is not the person he was with me," Issa said. "... And I feel like [Candle's] reaping all the benefits of his time with me."

While snaps and neck bends were heard 'round the world, I felt sorry for Issa - she really thought that she was placed in the time period before the Lawrence glow-up BY MISTAKE. That if, by some universal luck, she could have been with Lawrence after the glow-up (like Condola), then, well, maybe they could have survived after all.

Ahhh...delusion is a helluva drug.

If Issa and Lawrence couldn't inspire more in each other while being together for what - 5 years? - then what makes them think they can now? These two have grown more individually in the short period of being apart than they did when they were a couple. Want to know how?

They weren't with each other.

So,I recommend that they KTSE.

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