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Possible "Martin" Reboot? Tisha Campbell-Martin Seems to Be Past the Beef with Co-Star Mar

Talk about a Flashback Friday! Is anybody here for a "Martin" reboot? I definitely am!

This week, buzz has been brewing about the beloved '90s sitcom coming back to television. According to Hip Hollywood, it all started when Martin Lawrence's fiance let the cat out of the bag by posting on Instagram that she "got word from [her] fiance that [her] favorite show may be coming back." (The post has since been deleted).

On Saturday, Tisha Campbell-Martin neither confirmed nor denied whether that was true. But her coy answer and playful giggle made it seem like there was at least a little bit of truth to that IG post. When asked whether she still likes being referred to as "Gina" from the show, the 49-year-old could not have been more gracious in her answer.

"Let me tell you something, it has been an honor to be Gina all these years, and it's surprising that people still love those characters so much."

Tisha, are you serious? Her role as Gina alone is iconic, so yea - people are still talking about that show 20 years later. And if you're anything like me, that show is still must-see TV.

But the big question remains - is Tisha over the past beef she had with Martin? As you know, in the later episodes of the show, Tisha rarely filmed with Martin at all. It was all because of a lawsuit she filed in 1997 against him for sexual harassment. She even demanded that he not be on set when she was filming her scenes, something that was new and unprecedented for the world of TV at that time, but it spoke to how uncomfortable she was with him around.

Well, it seems like all of that is water under the bridge now. Tisha posted a beautiful photo on Instagram of herself, Martin, and co-star Tichina Arnold who played "Pam." And as you can see, Tisha looks comfortable with him now.

I assume that they both came to an understanding as people. And if this reboot is a real thing, then I am super excited about seeing them both on screen together again. TMZ caught up with the crew after eating steak at Morton's in Los Angeles. When they were asked whether the show is for real for real coming back, Martin responded, "Never say never." Although he still didn't confirm or deny anything, he made sure to say that the show, if it did come back, would be an "evolved" version.

"Well, I don't think we have to do it the same way," he said. "I just think we have to be funny, and we have to be entertaining and give people heartfelt stories."

Considering Thomas Mikal Ford passed away in late 2016, I am curious to see the heartfelt story they create around his character "Tommy." This reboot is definitely one I do not want to miss.

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