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Let My Mama Own 4 Mansions and Me Say "No" to Carrying the Torch. Chile...

My mom got me started on "Checked Inn," a new OWN reality show that dramatizes the goings-on of a Black-woman-owned Bed & Breakfast in The Poconos.

Only one episode has aired so far, and so far, so good.

But the owner's daughter has me in my feelings.

This millennial tells her mom that she doesn't want to take over the family business.

She would rather be a writer.

OK, So...we gon' act like Black American women owning not one, but 4 mansions, is common?

Her mom, rightly so, struggles to accept this because widespread Black American generational wealth does not exist. If her daughter does not carry the torch, then who will?

The Landry's. That's who.

Does she really think she can afford to dismiss her responsibility to her surname and to the culture?

"See, that's what's wrong with these kids today!"

As a Millennial (by technicality), I have a nice balance of Gen X and Millennial values. The Gen X in me is like, "This ungrateful child," and the Millennial in me is like, "Pave your own way, girl."

But you know which side wins in this situation? The Gen X, because this person is Black and a woman. She is no position to say "nah, bruh" to what her mother needs from her.

And if she were really true to her generation, she would remember that we Millennials pride ourselves on being masters of several things. This young lady can manage the properties, be a writer and do whatever the heck else she wants to do, but if she does not understand how important her role is to the one who birthed her and to the culture, then I ask that we switch places because I do.

There is actually one girl who wants to take her place. At this moment, she is being trained to be a new innkeeper. She keeps it all the way real that if she was being groomed to take over, then she would be delighted to do so.

Now, this is a sensible millennial. The other staff support the daughter in wanting to write (but I really think they're lying).

As someone who doesn't come from generational wealth, I am extremely envious of the daughter's position. She has the chance to continue a legacy. She has the chance to tell the story of how her mother was able to build her business and then pass it along to her. She has the chance to pass this on to her children.

So, girl, what are you thinking???

Put on your big girl panties, and make it work. Tap into the hard-working bones in your body, and solve this "problem" of being a writer. Let me help you: DO BOTH. This is bigger than you, so get out of that millennial head of yours, and borrow a bit of that Gen X mentality that your mother has.


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