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I Am Really In My 30s.

I may be one of the few women who actually likes getting older because it means I'm still alive. That's one good thing about getting older, right? Life and all.

I'm not in denial about my age, but I am in denial about what comes with getting older.

This week, my best friend came to visit LA for work stuff, and we went out for two nights straight. I can't believe how exhausted I am.

Keep in Mind: we went out Tuesday and Wednesday night; had dinner, went to a comedy show, talked a whole lot, and stayed out no longer than 1AM.

I am still exhausted, and it's Friday!

When did my recuperation decide to go on leave? When is it coming back? Can I negotiate with it to come back?

I've been out "late" on school nights, but I've only experienced exhaustion the next day, for half a day ONLY. It remains to be seen whether this will spill over into the weekend, and this is why I am writing this blog.

WTF is happening to me?

Ok, So...I can't even drink wine at a friend's house; eat chicken and mashed potatoes; and chat it up all night without considering whether that sedentary party will drain me the next day???

I am grateful for life, but what follows in a few years - I don't even know if I want to know.

I now understand why old people just want to be left alone. Even simple conversation, at that age, is just too much.

Just look at her ^^^. Exhausted. From listening. Je-sus. This is me right now! And no one is talking to me!

New Year's is 5 months away, and instead of a resolution, I will make a new year's plea to the Universe:

Please extend my lease with recuperation. I'm not ready to say "I need to go to sleep" at 8p and then actually be in the bed at 8:15p. Real Talk. This ain't a game. I got one life to live and living it between 9a - 5p is not what I signed up for. Blessings to your stars and planets.

Think this will work? I sure hope so.

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