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Dear Robert Kirkman: Please save Ol' Boy from His Wig on The Walking Dead

i was watching The Walking Dead the other night, and something really disturbed me.

it wasn't the fact that rick's group has gone all Governor on folks by stabbing people in the head with knives as they slept.

it wasn't that Maggie and Carol have been captured by a voice.

it was this:

the wig. it's disturbing.

i have a lot of questions regarding this:

what's the wig budget?

why does his hair have to look like this in the zombie apocalypse?

who initially cornrowed his hair, and can I assume that person is deceased because his new growth is eating the actual braids?

were these locks gone wrong?

who is responsible for making these types of wigs and why aren't they out of business? more importantly, who is patronizing them?

is he at least refreshing the rubber band wrapped around that ponytail?

who hates black men this much?

is he supposed to be in a Tyler Perry movie?

Was this a revolutionary moment in tv history where a man gets to play a female character?

Robert Kirkman is the writer behind The Walking Dead comics, which is what the TV show is based on, and i found out that the character Heath was originally drawn with these despicable whatever-the-hell-they're-supposed-to-be-braid-thangs:

who did he consult and has Kirkman never seen black men in life before doing this show 'cus yo:

it looks crazy af. who can take him seriously looking like that?

i guess you could argue that it kinda works for him because anyone in front of his gun would be distracted at how awful his hair looks. my eyes go straight to it. i see no gun. and the ish is elevated. wtf.

who did Kirkman model Heath after? 'cus i've been black my whole life, and i've never seen a black man wear these thangs before. what's most troubling about Heath's cornrows is that they grew a ponytail.

like, huh? i've never seen that combination before. it also does tricks. it flips and shit. like, he has "let-out." you know that piece of your hair you intentionally leave out because you think it's kinda cute? yea, he has that in the zombie apocalypse.

Ok, so...I already know what's gonna happen to him. he dead. and the coiff is to blame. there is no way he is surviving this season. if he does survive, then please save him from this travesty. it's weighing him down.

dammit - it's weighing me down. This plus zombies; carl getting his eye shot out; and crazy ass people that want to kill you and then eat you equals #TeamTooMuch.

i'm all about seeing diverse actors on screen, but diverse hairstyles? nuh-uh. either this style or Heath has to go. i can't take it anymore.

when i see that tress trek across the screen, i be looking around the room hella mad by my lonesome like:

i'm tired. of seeing this.

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