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Ok, So...Adults: The Boogeyman Does Exist, and His Name (or At Least One of His Cousin's) is Man

I HEART Horror films. I always have. There is something fascinating about an unable-to-die serial killer. A killer that just keeps coming at you no matter how many bullets, blow torches or beheadings befall them. They just keep coming.

My favorite is Michael Myers. Whenever that thing comes on the screen accompanied by that iconic score, my eyes widen, heart palpitates, and my sphincter surrenders. I LOVE it.

But I love this genre and the feeling it gives me because guess what? They're not real.

In real life, serial killers die. People who terrorize other people get their just due...or so I thought.

I never believed in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy or The Easter Bunny. My mama didn't play those games with me as a kid, but the "Protect and Serve" mantra of the National Police Force and <insert whatever motto the legal system is touting> is also a figment of someone's imagination.

Ok, So, like the rest of the world, I am watching Netflix's "Making a Murderer"...and now, I am scared for my life.

Hearing about Sandra Bland's death months ago did something to me.

And that something was that it scared me when I realized that a Black woman could be in her own vehicle one day; minding her business; get pulled over for something trivial; get pulled out of her vehicle because the White cop doesn't like how smart she is; and then eventually...die. AND that all of this ridiculousness could be recorded on video and no one is held accountable.

For her dying.

While in police custody.

So, I am on the 6th episode of "Making a Murderer," and I am just not definitionally scared for my life, I am all of the synonyms can come up with for "scared". In a nutshell, it's the type of shitless fright that I got for my life.

"Making a Murderer" details the exoneration of Steven Avery in a rape that forced him to serve 18 years in prison. Upon exoneration, he sues the County of Manitowoc for false imprisonment. Shortly after deposing those related to his false imprisonment, he is charged with murdering a 25-year old young woman named Teresa Halbach.

Does this man have the worst luck or what? He was just exonerated for one crime, and now he's charged with murdering someone?

The documentary series is taking me down a rabbit hole that I didn't know existed. Note: Rabbit holes are real. I'm in it. Well, my mind is in it.

Down here, the rabbit hole contains a heavens-high amount of police corruption; unconscionable legal misconduct; psychological manipulation of a learning-disabled teenager; and the stupidest judges known to man. Evidence presented seems to have been tampered with, and not just tampered, but planted.

Like, this is happening. Not on TV. But in real life.

Sandra Bland's death was not recorded, but when you put all the publicy presented information together, you can at least come to the conclusion that there was foul play.

In Steven Avery's case, we damn near see everything that led to his conviction in the murder of Teresa Halbach, and from the publicly presented information, the conviction is based on horse shit. And guess what? This is a White man.

Now, do you understand why I'm scared?

We all know how color and gender privilege work, so imagine that I'm explaining how it all works here so eloquently...

And conclusion: The most privileged organism on this planet might be the victim of blatant police frame-up.

If they will do this to a white man, then er, uh, little ol' me? OR Sandra Bland?

Full disclosure: Steven Avery is a poor White man.

This is an important element to consider in this case because if race doesn't divide a community, then class is the next best thing.

I am highly intrigued by this series because in this real life, there are evil people. Serial killers of mind, body and spirit. And some inhabit the courts and police force. I've heard people speak of police corruption and legal shadiness, but to see it unfold on screen is terrifying. And Manitowoc County is just one of who-knows-how-many using their unchecked power to devastate people's lives. And for what?

What could possibly make people OK with devastating another person's life? I know we all get a little lazy at work sometimes because we've been doing the same job for years, and because of our experience, we just get used to everything equalling the same result.

But Being a cop or a lawyer isn't the same as making widgets. If you screw up a batch of widgets, no big deal. They're widgets. They can be replaced.

But people? Their physical lives? Their emotional and psyhological states? Yeah, you can't just screw around with that.

I'm not done watching the series, but so far, the Manitowoc County is looking a lot like this guy:

And we all know what happened to this guy.

Manitowoc County aka Boogeyman: You're not King Kong. You're real, so your shadiness can be and will be destroyed.

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