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Still Poppin' Sunflower Seeds? You're Grown Now. Stop It.

I loved sunflower seeds growing up. Loved them.

And I only know Black girls to pop 'em because guess what? I'm a Black girl.

Grabbing a bag of whole sunflower seeds were the best. Ya know, the ones with the shells still on 'em?

I would empty a few into my mouth -

suck on the shells' saltiness -

crack 'em open with my right top and bottom teeth -

usually spit 'em on the ground (so what? I littered. get over it) -

and enjoy the little seeds.

All of this for about 5 seconds of goodness, which was totally worth it.

Ok, So...Sunflower seeds were like "getting coffee" to a little girl like me.

I'd be really into some conversation with a fellow Black girl about some boy who wouldn't pass her an extra Capri Sun at camp because he thought she was being a little too flirty with another boy just because she asked him whether he wanted her crackers with cheese because she doesn't really like crackers with cheese.

All of this childish banter was perfect while eating sunflower seeds.

But now, I am an adult, and I no longer talk about Capri Suns or cheese and crackers or silly boys.

I now talk about the best loose leaf tea and silly men.

So what shall a grown Black woman like myself eat while discussing such things?

Sunflower Seed B U T T E R!

<----'Tis delicious! 'Tis mas que delicious. Es amazing!

A fellow Black girlfriend introduced it to me, and I immediately lost my mind.

I had no idea that such greatness in the spread industry existed. It's so good that it now has me eating one of the nastiest fruits ever: apples.


But with Sunflower Seed Butter?

Indescribable !

How is it that the Lord blessed me enough to live in the time when sunflower seed butter would be a thing?

I've had it with apples about 4 times already this week. And this month? I can't even tell you.

I may need some help.

But before I'm committed to some SSB Anonymous Group, I'd just like to pass on the joy of this spread. The whole world should know about this.

So, pass it on to the next person. Hurrah for SSB!

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