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#Staycations For The UnMarried and UnBaby-ed (As of Now)

Ok, So...i staycationed in a city where everyone vacations. LA! why have I not done this in the 8 years I've lived here? i think everyone thinks that you have to go somewhere if you're on vacation. when you tell people you're going on vacation, the first question is oh! where are you going? but this time, my answer was, nowhere. i'm staying here, and yes, it felt weird. i nearly felt sorry for myself, like hey, why aren't i going anywhere?

but waking up in my own bed every morning without anything or anyone to answer to was...

...and knowing that you still get paid while you're doing grown-up play stuff is...

so, it didn't take long for me not to feel sorry for myself. i didn't have to pack and rush to an airport or create a "things to do when i'm in whatever city" list. my only agenda was to do whatever the hell i wanted, and as an aries, that's right up my alley.

so what did i like about it?

saved money. i mean, come on. this is really the reason I staycation-ed. no flight. no rental car. no souvenir buying. you can't beat it. but just because you're saving money doesn't mean you're not going to spend it. oh, i did. believe me.

at museums. and museum parking. the LACMA. the Broad. the Aquarium. i spent a different day at each and in their respective neighborhoods. although one place may have been free admission, they would get you on the parking.

nevertheless, still cheaper than the alternative. the best part about going to a museum in my town was going alone. it's LA! museum-going is usually reserved for guests. they are the guests and i play the role of host. here, i was just going to the museum alone because guess what? i was on vacation!

i also spent money on partying. 25+ partying, that is. i stayed out until whenever because guess what? I didn't have to go to work the next day. well, getting up the next morning isn't my usual excuse for not going out. i usually just don't feel like it, BUT because i was off the entire week, i had enough energy saved to actually step out of my house after 5p.

the greatest benefit of staying in my PJs until it was time for me to interact with the public was showering in the afternoon.

no one was there to judge me. it was me. all by my lonesome and God-made no-shower scent. made me want to sing. and i did. in the shower when no one could hear me because they had to go to work.

staycationing also made me realize how much i love my place. you never really get to enjoy your place in the daytime on weekdays. your couch looks different with the sun shining on it. it's glorious!

lastly, vacation time seemed longer. with no flight time or car ride to get back home, you're just home. so, when it's time for you to go back to work, you're just preparing to go to work... from home.

i plan on doing this again someday. so, if you're pre-marriage and pre-baby, i recommend this for you. it's a special experience for those of us in this current category.

Get your #staycation on!


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