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My Love Affair with (Low) Heels

i heart Heels. (low ones, that is).

and I think every woman should love them. i mean, every woman should love wearing them. (Again, the low ones). i consistently wear them Monday thru Thursday. makes me feel some kind of way walking the office halls.

and I think one of the great benefits of being a woman is that we get to wear 'em! (otra vez, the low ones)

but I know that some women are just not fans. maybe they're too uncomfortable; they're just not used to wearing 'em; or the shoes are cheap. and by cheap, I mean, less than $10.

​Ok, are my suggestions on how and why you should fall in love with wearing (low) heels (at least twice a week):

1. They're Cute.

2. They make you look like you have a tad more junk in the trunk. this is especially true for little booty women like me. all little booty women need to bow down to le heel because it's helping us out for real. i love my little booty, don't get me wrong, but it's little. and sometimes, little things want to be a little bigger...

without ... (you know).

3. The height advantage is real. As a proud 5'3 and 1/2-er, I can be 5'5 and 1/2 like <snap!> It's different air 2 inches above. You've gotta experience that!

4. They force you to have better posture. therefore, heels are good for your health. this is so true. about 80% of Americans have bad posture (this is not an official stat by any means), but I feel like 8/10 people I encounter everday are suffering from bad posture, and the cure is low heels.

5. They really are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. again, I'm talking about ... LOW ... heels. try them! h&m, ross and my mom's closet are my go-to's for these cousins to the "real" heels. find your spots and get your low heel on, girl! what ya waitin' for?

#heels #lowheels

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