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Dear Hollywood: It's Me Again.

Perhaps, I should have given you a bit more time to chew on who I thought didn't really fit the "hot on-screen actor" title, but before you start stewing in your hot-and-bothered toilet, I'd like to offer up 5 men who may have been overlooked or whose fine-ness is being underrepresented. Check this out:

#1. Lecrae.

I credit the fine-ness of this man-gem to my friend LeRai. Ha! Their names rhyme. Just realized that.

Anyway, you know him. He kinda sorta had an OK album that shattered records for a gospel rap artist. Yes, He is a gospel rap artist. He loves the Lord, dresses like this; holds a cross like that; and stares into the camera like what. What can be hotter than that?!

Google informed me that he just tweeted this:

Man this music industry is crazy. God has protected me FOR REAL! If your identity is in your achievements, you're cooked.

I don't know what that means, but a grown man that uses the word "cooked" has got my vote. Lecrae, I can't take all of this spiritual swagness right now. I just can't. LeRai, lucky for you, the man is happily married, otherwise, I would have to challenge you to a duel for this King.

#2. Derek Luke

Seeing Mr. Luke in motion is better than a still photo.

Just saw him in a romantic role with Taraji on Empire. HE NEEDS TO BE IN MORE, PLEASE.

I first met him (I didn't actually meet him, but you know what I mean, Hollywood) in Antwone Fisher. His melanin count is on fleek; he is from the East Coast (triple points); and he has this way of making certain words into half a syllable like "we," "were," "supposed," "to," "uhm," "have", "that," "scene," "on", "the"...actually, he does this with every word. It's charming and darn sexy. He can do that.

#3. Jessie Williams

Yes, you cast him in Grey's Anatomy, but shouldn't this peanut butter skin and blue eyed man be in more things? I can't name anything else, and I am wondering why. Hmmm...let me see what it could be...

- He is from Chicago.

- He has a wife that he loves.

- He genuinely loves Black people.

- He looks like this on a regular basis (meaning, he has this inquisitive look on his face because he uses this thing in his skull called a brain).

- He for real loves Black people.

- He, as a matter of fact, loves Black people.


#4. Ryan Gosling

This is merely a shoutout to Mr. Gosling because his swag game is off the charts. He is proof that you can groom a leading man! I don't remember having any Ryan G. posters in my bedroom when I was a kid. Justin Timberlake was the breakout star in The Mickey Mouse Club, not this fine drink of water. So, kudos to you for this transformation (for real, how did ya'll make this happen?)

#5. Drake

This man right here...I credit this discovery to my friend LeRai (again) because I never thought he was fine until recently. I am writing to you about this stud because as of now, he is a music genius, but his sexiness is easily transferrable to the screen. Do you see this GIF?! Fine-o-meter is off the charts!!

The calculated corniness; the way he lays sweetness on hip hop beats; and the I'm young, mixed and rich, blitch attitude = ULTIMATE FINE-NESS. I need to see this man on TV and the silver screen. Just in case you haven't noticed, he has an exquisite beard now. And muscles.

Ok, So, have all this insight. What ya gonna do with it? I am paying attention, Boos.

​XoXo, Ford.

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