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Work Stress

WORK STRESS. We've all had it, but which person are you when you're stressed?

Exhibit A. Mean Panda.

Exhibit B. The Hyperventilator

Exhbit C. Just Crazy.

I got to know myself really well last week when it seemed like I was in a black hole of neverending stuff at work. I totally went into just crazy mode, and instead of soft pretzels, I wanted some Micky D's fries and an Oreo McFlurry (they instantly bring me to a happy place).

Stress is the devil or a form of the devil because it is relentless; makes you see red; and stops you from seeing the light. Yep, it's that deep.

I learned the following about stress that may be helpful for you as well:

It does you no good. It pays no bills. It doesn't help you sleep. It doesn't help you eat. Sounds like a good-for-nothing man, right? So, let it go!

There IS a solution to the stress. For some reason, stress makes you go so far off the mental deep-end that you think you will be in Stressland forever. You won't. I realized that I didn't have to be buried in volume. I have co-workers who can help. I have a boss that is understanding, and most importantly, I need a vacation!

Stress takes away your light. I <3 that I have a light. Everyone has a light about them, but it can be dimmed or brightened based on what's going on inside ya. Gosh... When that stress gets a hold of you, your light is like, "what the heck, woman?"

It becomes hard to mask who you don't like in the office. Actually, this is kinda nice, but you can't be like that 24/7 running this corporate world rat race. So, maybe this is an unintentionally gratifying side effect of stress.

Lastly, stressing about work, frankly, is pointless. It's just work! If you weren't there, somebody would be able to do it. If you don't get to address those 10 emails, they will still be there tomorrow, and 5 of them will end up not mattering in some form or another.

Aaaaaandddd, if you need a hug, go get one. From somebody you trust (because you know that's gonna get around the office, right?)

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