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(please) Let Your Boobs Breathe on the Weekend

OK, So...anyone who has known me for more than 10 years knows that I was the girl who didn't wear bras. Yea. That was me. In high school and college, I was "that chick." I didn't grow up in a naked house, but bras weren't like underwear.

And when I found out that I was "that chick," I started wearing bras.

The conversation went something like this:

Friend: Ya know, what's-his-face was talking about how cute you were the other day, but he couldn't remember your name.

Me: Oh yeah? Then, how do you know he was talking about me?

Friend: Because he said, "the girl who doesn't wear a bra."

Clearly, my ta-tas were the real MVP, not me.

So I gave up my life of no bra-dom. So, over the years, The Gap and H&M got all of my money when it came to those things.

But as a 31 year old woman (with a man who got with me while I was wearing a bra, thank you very much), I am like, fluck this! I am pre-marriage, pre-baby, and pre-move-back-to-the-midwest-to-raise-normal-children Jen. I deserve to let my friends be free.

On the weekends.

(I would like to keep my job in the process).

For women who choose not to go out in public with no bra on, all I have to say is: You are missing all the way out.

It's a special type of freedom. Both you and your chest are happy about your decision. It's like discovering you have a superpower or like realizing you have room in your stomach for dessert. It's just wonderful.

Keep in mind the following if you would like them to breathe (again, ON THE WEEKENDS, mmmkaay?):

Wear clothes that look GOOD without a bra. And I mean GOOD to women, not men.

I've definitely had my share of experiences when the boobs made an appearance throooouugggh a shirt.

White shirts? No good. With a cami or bando? Problem solved.

Fitted (non-white) maxi dresses, tube tops, pantsuits, colorful and fitted tanks (if you're a wittle smaller up top) all work perfectly. Sometimes, the goal is to make your top feel like a bra without wearing a bra. You still want them to feel supported but in a more relaxed way, ya know?

Then again, there are other times, when you just want them to have recess. So go for it!

Remember you are not wearing a bra, so you will get stares. Well, your boobs will get stares. From men and women! I believe the women stare because of nostalgia. They probably think: Ah...those were the good ol' days. And the men? I can only guess they would go back to their buddies and say:

Him: Yo, I hope I get to see this one chick again.

Friend: Oh yeah? What's her name?

Him: I-D-K. But she was some girl with no bra on.

Whether 21 or This leads me to my next thing to look out for...

Do the whole not-wear-a-bra-thing when you already have a man. Trust me on this one. It has nothing to do with us women's uppper level gifts. It has everything to do with the man's yada yada...If you don't, then the way you meet your future baby daddy will definitely be like the conversation above.

Lastly, your breasts will thank you. Like, for real. They will. Don't you like to get some fresh air? What makes you think your boobs don't? They have energy...and a personality.

Let them be unencumbered once in awhile. They deserve it! They're practically the reason you're the woman you are today.

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