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Black Entertainers and Unicorns

("Unicorns" is a metaphor for something. Let's see whether you can figure it out)


This is the latest day in one week that I've written a post. Yikes! I think it's because I am still recovering from the awesome time I had on Sunday.

I worked the HBO EMMY Party that day. So, I got all dolled up; lashed out; and fierced to the max to work the Party. Yep! I was there in a purely professional capacity. But I was excited! There's nothing bad about being around A-list celebrities all night (especially if THEE Idris or THEE Jessie to the Williams just happened to be there).

Besides, This wasn't my 1st rodeo. I've worked this Party twice before. Working this event always makes my experience unique because I get to master the skill of observation.

OK, So...I observed Five things:

Number 1. Queen Latifah is more than gorgeous in real life. Her white pants suit with the green-green hat just slayed the heck out of me (I plan to completely replicate this outfit for the Golden Globes HBO Party. Hopefully, they won't think I'm a stalker).

Numero 2. The DJ played EDM I've never heard before. No Chris Brown or post-2010 songs for that matter. I will never understand how people can seriously dance to songs they weren't bumpin' when they were supposed to be popular. So, you already know the stare I was giving the DJ.

It's such a waste of money and dance space to have a whack DJ. There should definitely be a rule in DJ school that goes something like this: If the Black people are not dancing, then you're doing something wrong. Not sure how this happens at an HBO party, but I'm on the case. I mean, Queen Latifah was there!

Numero 3. The HBO theme was "On Fire" (or so I think). Coincidence that HBO made history with 43 total Emmy wins? Sure! HBO was "on fire." But guess who else was? Me! I looked like this penny by the middle of the night. Copper and shiny:

I had to stand for some hours in the inside/outside/no-escape "hot like fire" party tent. Although I had an awesome time, my face was clearly done for the night. I even saw Queen Latifah mouthe, "Ooh, it's hot."

Wingdings 4. Co-workers really do clean up nice! It's always great to see co-workers make an A+ effort to look like undiscovered stars. <Insert picture of me here because I was looking DAMN FINE, if I don't say so in a completely humble way> teehee.

And last but not least...

Five. 89.99% of Black Entertainers brought Unicorns. WTF?! And I'll leave it at that.

P.S. Neither Idris nor Jessie were there.

Full Disclosure: That's why this post was so late.

#blackentertainers #unicorns

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