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why you should follow Tichina Arnold on Periscope

Tichina Arnold.

Why is Tichina Arnold my Auntie, but we are of no relation?

You may know her best from Martin or Everybody Hates Chris.

But she has been in many, many, many, manymanymanymanymany things.

Her best work yet is on Periscope. If you're not familiar with Periscope, let me break it down for you. It's an app. Download it. She's on there giving you the blow-by-blow of her everyday life via live feed.

I think this app is catching on for a lot of people now even though (and this is news to me), it's been around "for awhile." I follow Pastor Toure Roberts on Periscope as well, but I think (and Lord, forgive me), I'm pretty absolutely positively diggety sure that Tichina is just a little more interesting. Just a little.

OK, So... this is why you should follow her:

*She is a self-proclaimed Periscope Addict"*

Which means that she's on quite often. This is good for you because you can catch her cursing a little bit here and there. Can you imagine all of the curse words Pam wanted to spew on Martin but couldn't because they were on Fox? Just think of it as her redirecting those little bombs here and there to Martin's smart ass mouth.

*You Get to See Other Celebrities*

It is Emmys season!

So, she brings you into her fabulous world of celebrities like RonReaco Lee, Jessie Usher, Erica Ash, and Teyonah Parris, all cast mates from "Survivor's Remorse."

I learned that Jessie Usher's real name really is Jessie Usher. Tichina was Periscoping while watching the first episode of this season's show, and she showed us a cut-out of Jessie, in which he looked like an R&B singer, notably Usher. She asked the Periscopers to ask the cut-out Jessie "Usher" a question and started laughing, in which I thought she was playfully clowning him for looking something like this in his cut-out:

But there was no mic.

*Her Sister Xanae (spelling needs to be verified)*

You may already know this, but Tichina is outspoken about her sister's battle with Lupus. Her sister is Xanae. This morning, Tichina periscoped with her and expressed how painful Lupus is during a "flare up." I have learned more about Lupus by following Tichina than anywhere else! It's conversational, so you just naturally come to know more about it because of her sis.

Xanae, let me be clear, is not just a "Lupie". She also keeps Tichina in check about her curse bombs as well. We may have to petition her to have her own Periscope account.

*Her Daughter Alijah (pretty sure the spelling is correct)*

Mini-Tichina (except the cursing, of course). Vivacious and talented. That is ALL I am going to say. You've got to tune in to see how too big for words this girl is.

*She is Really Your Virtual Auntie And You Just Don't Know It Yet*

I have a virtual life coach: Tony Gaskins. And now, I have a virtual Auntie: Tichina. She's just fun, ya'll, and it's nice to see a celebrity making herself accessible to her fans in what seems to be an unfiltered way.

So, just follow her! If anything, she will make you smile and/or laugh at one thing or another.

#TichinaArnold #Periscope

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