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...Is that it's true!

OK, So...You can be anything you want to be. That is, if you want to be something. We tell this to our children, nieces, nephews and anyone younger than 25, and when we are saying it, we believe it more for them than we believe it for ourselves because we are 50 or 40 or 30. Cue terrified music.

Been at your job for 5+ years but you haven't decided whether to ask for a promotion or more money?

Are you 30+ and single but not making yourself available?

Married and Miserable but haven't communicated to your spouse how you're feeling?

At 10, 20 seems so far away. At 20, 30 seems even farther away. At 30, 40 seems like it's sleeping right next to you. What about age and time gets us all in a semi-depressed tizzy?

It's because we think that we have no more time. And so, the time we do have is spent on thinking about how much time we don't have and what we should be doing at our dream job or what vacation we should be planning for the children and husband we don't have or deep sea diving in Seychelles, the place we wanted to visit by 35.

It's time to wake up and start being who you want to be RIGHT NOW!

Here are five people that should inspire you and me to do just that:

Colonel Sanders

We know this awesome man because of his not-so-awesome chicken (I am more of a Popeyes, girl, but for the sake of this blog, I am including The Sanders because he's an inspiration in general). So I am not including him in this list because of his chicken. I am including him because not only did he franchise this amazing brand in his 60s, but KFC also had a band! A bonafide band!

After establishing a very successful fast food restaurant in his 60s, he was like, I'm not done yet! Let me get a KFC band together!

This man continued to dream even in his older age. I can imagine some people saying, Stick with chicken! Why do you even want to put together a band? You're not 45! He obviously didn't care and decided to do it anyway. Whether you like his tunes or not, you've gotta give it to him...the man kept dreamin'. Check out his tunes below:


^^^ Says it all. Nothing further.

Tamar Braxton

I really, really, really like and respect this woman. As the breakout star in Braxton Family Values, people came to love her because of her Tamar-isms: You Tried It, Won't He Do it, Get Yo Life and my Favorite: Have Several Seats.

Tamar has made a career of not only being one of the best singers in the world, but she has made a career out of her sayings.

She has mentioned many times how unlikely it is for a mid-late 30-something woman to "make it" in the Industry. Well, she did! And her stepping stone was not only the show but her isms. Who would have thunk that would bring her singing to the forefront?

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone was just added to my vault of the inspirationals. After watching Rocky for maybe the 5th time, I paid closer attention to the credits as it ended. I was mesmerized with how brilliant of a movie this was. Not only was it the quintessential American underdog story, but all elements of the movie just worked. I was most interested in finding out who wrote it. I thought Must have been someone brilliant. Or someone who has written a lot of other brilliant things before.

Nope. Sylvester Stallone wrote it :/

I immediately thought Oh my God! I really can do anything that I want to do in this world!!


You should inspire you. I may not know you, but I am sure that where you are mentally is a lot better than where you were even a year ago. So, since your mentality has changed, your situation and hopes of being what you want to be will change as well.


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