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Get Your Namaste On


I just finished a 22-day Meditation Series by Oprah and Deepak Chopra (rhymes so good). I decided to participate because I heard that meditating brings balance. I needed it. You can't do anything wholly and successfully without being balanced, and only you know whether you are balanced. To me, balanced meant an alignment with the Universe. I was aligned but not 100%. I still need to be 100% in alignment, but this series has allowed me to come closer to that goal.

The series focused on being, practicing and receiving grace through gratitude.

In other words, The Guide to Living Your Best Life for Dummies.

Some adults, including me, are profoundly spoiled. To a 30-something adult with no shelter, food or transportation, yes, you and I are spoiled. And I am referring to Americans. Americans with no shelter, food or transportation look at you and me like we "have it all." And I realized through the series that yes, I do "have it all".

I have my needs met everyday. I am able to sleep; eat; breathe on my own; walk on my own; and logically form sentences. Think about this. There are people in this world who can only do one of these things or none. Don't you think you have it all?

Within what we may take for granted everyday, there lies grace. The grace from God or the Universe or She/Him, whatever you may call your Higher Being.

Day 1 of the meditation series centered on the following: When I am grateful, I find my grace. 'Tis true! What are you grateful for right now? Your heart is beating because of an electrical impulse. Who is controlling that pulse? Grace. Think of all the other things that you do without consciously thinking about it. That's grace, too.

Now, why would we need a meditation series from Deepak Chopra to remind us of those things?

Because we forget them. We forget grace. It all becomes routine, and routine begets an expected result. And an expected result can birth ungratefulness. When we are aware of grace, you always have a mind of gratitude. It is impossible to be aware of grace and have an ungrateful mind.

So, when you find yourself complaining, thinking negatively, or being mean, catch yourself! It's you being unaware of grace. You don't lose grace. It's always within you. You just sometimes forget it's there. Isn't that comforting and awesome?

The result of being aware of grace is your true self shining with its own light (Day 19's mantra). I believe that is a type of law of attraction. Your physical body, circle and environment are a direct reflection of what's going on inside you. If you are grateful, then your physical body, circle and enivronment radiate light. I totally agree with this!

Light begets freedom! And who opposes freedom?

The self is what we are most grateful for (Day 22), to be here in this present moment on this planet. My New Orleans trip was the most spiritual experience of my life (Click here to read the story). I was alone, so I was able to observe and listen to my environment. I am able to recall almost every moment because I was living in the moment. Everything was new and interesting. I felt like my 2.5 year old nephew, in awe and attentive. I strive to be that way everyday at my 9-5 and when I get home to work on "my own stuff."

I hope to stay consistent with being aware of grace. I have much to be grateful for..and so do you!

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