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Why Was This So Hard to Write?

OK, so...This blog was really hard to write this week, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Was I not passionate about anything this week? Was I indifferent to everything? Were things going that smoothly that my brain transported into some writing rest cave?

After starting 2 other blogs - one about baby fever and the other about my love for gorcery stores - and again, not being passionate about either enough to write a GOOD blog, I decided at 11:13p PDT today to just write about how hard it is to write this week! (don't worry. Baby fever and grocery stores will make an appearance on this blog when the time is right).

I've been in the habit of writing one blog a week,and I've been very consistent about it...until today. So, I was faced with a crossroad: Keep the deadline I set for myself or I give it the whatever attitude. Clearly, you know which road I traveled.

Consistency is such a skill! Our Lord and Savior Beyonce Christ proclaimed it takes 22 days to form a new habit, referring to her vegan diet. Just 22 blogs, huh...

Jerry Seinfeld was quoted as using a "don't break the chain" methodology when it came to consistency, the point being that if you just keep doing it, no matter whether you think it's good or not, the point is to keep doing it because, well, practice makes perfect. I'm banking on practice makes money? (long-term goal, of course)

So, I guess I am writing for my future self, the future self basking in money from this blog (or at least a few ad dollars that pay for my gas, power, and groceries). A woman can dream...

So, here's to consistency! No matter how hard it is, and no matter how many episodes of Braxton Family Values I watch as a distraction (it just draws ya in), I will not break the chain!

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