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Hey Wardy, I'm Going to New Orleans!

AHHHHHHH! I am going to New Orleans for the 4th of July weekend, and I can't contain my excitement!

This will be my first time in aka N'AWLINS aka NOLA or however Weezy F Baby says it. I have spoken to a few natives and visitors, and this is the impression I am getting:

"It's like a Third World Country": Yeah...someone actually said this but followed it up with "but you're gonna love it!" I'm not sure how you can marry those two thoughts unless it's like going to an actual Third World Country like Puerto Rico or The Philippines and having a gay ol' time there, which is possible!

On second thought, maybe I was ninja-slapped with a coded phrase: third world country. If that's the case, then maybe he meant there are a lot of people of color there, but I'll have a good time? To which I would have two responses to that: "well, duh! How do you not have a good time with folks of color?" Followed by...

"Alligator ain't that special": My native N'awlins friend told me this. And I was like:

I haven't tried it, but I am redder than beets to try it, and it will be fantastic! (In Jesus' name)

"The Gumbo there is awesome!": To which I apologize to the City of New Orleans in advance because I will be eating ALL of their gumbo.

I have been in love with seafood since fetus, and I think it's the greatest food category The Lord created.

The idea that someone decided to put almost every sea creature into one dish with dark yum yum tasty meat and sauce has to be one of the best invention ever.

"The men will love you.": I guess I'll just have to suck it up and take it? Hehe.

"Don't go past...": I don't remember exactly where I am not supposed to travel, but several people have started their sentences off with this phrase and it's always a different part of NOLA, which is probably why I never remember. Note to self: Check back with them to confirm where NOT to go.

"Beignets, beignets, beignets":

"The music!": Will I get my dance on in N'AWLINS? Of course. Will someone have to teach me how to dance to jazz music? YES.

As a Chicago native, I am smitten with our jazz heritage, but I am delighted at the chance to visit the streets and maybe clubs of greats like Louis Armstrong. One of my all-time favorite songs is Baby, It's Cold Outside. If Mr. Armstrong was still alive, I would ask him, What do you know about the cold? This is N'AWLINS! Ya Heard Me?

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