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About me

Hi.  I'm Renese!


Born and Raised in Chicago; Schooled in DC.; Resided in LA for almost 10 years; and new resident to New York City.  I am a filmmaker with many opinions about everyday life.


Yeah, I know how to footwork; have an appreciation for GOGO; and eat nigiri with the best of 'em.  Looking for what I will master while here in the Big City.












So, why did I start OkSoBlog?  I love life!  I love all of the silliness that occurs in life. And like you, when the seriousness pops up, you've gotta change gears.  


The silliness can easily be described as the "Blog Series About Everything."  These are blogs about whatever, i.e. my disdain for a certain Apple emoji or a Hike going horribly wrong.


And the seriousness?  Documentary reviews related to some social injustice in the world.  My hope is that you and I will be inspired enough to not only be aware of what's happening but to do something about it.


I hope you get a combination of chuckles and change (not the coins)!