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About OK So BLOG

Welcome to Ok So Blog!

The name is inspired by my knack for starting off juicy stories and experiences with "Ok, So..."

This is not unique to me, of course. As a black American woman, we are all too familiar with using this phrase to get the listener (YOU) immediately engrossed. Urban Dictionary has a different understanding of the phrase, but I stand by mine.

OK, So...

This blog is for people who appreciate life's silly moments. 

Got a strong anger for ambiguous Apple emojis?

Are you a black American woman who has been to the Grand Canyon in January?

Do you have an unconventional hero obsession with Rose from "90 Day Fiance?"

Then, this blog is for you!  

If you're like, "nah,' then it's also for those who honor life's seriousness. Documentaries are my THING. So, check out "Documentaries to Watch" to satiate your appetite for the non-silly.

If that still doesn't satisfy ya, then thank you for coming. I got nothing else for you.

But for those who remain to stay, thanks for riding with me.

Ok, So, let's get into it!

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